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AntalyaThe Land of Legends

The Land of Legends | Antalya’s all-inclusive theme park

The Land of Legends offers unique thematic experiences and thrilling adventures for visitors of all ages. Their sprawling complex contains adrenaline-inducing water coasters, delightful shows, a vibrant shopping avenue, and several food joints. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush, a fun-filled family adventure, or some retail therapy, the Land of Legends in Antalya offers it all. Read on to know more about the theme park, how to book Land of Legends tickets, and other details to plan your visit. 

Why visit the Land of Legends?

Why visit the Land of Legends?
  • Unique thematic shows: From its fantastic decor to theme park rides inspired by childhood tales, the Land of Legends offers a one-of-a-kind thematic experience where visitors can immerse themselves in a world of myths and legends. 
  • Diverse entertainment options: Whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling water rides and roller coasters, a fan of spectacular live performances, or someone who enjoys shopping and fine dining, the Land of Legends has it all.
  • Family-friendly: This theme park provides a safe and enjoyable environment for children, with dedicated areas for kids' entertainment and play. Families can make lasting memories together while exploring the various attractions and activities.
  • Easily accessible: The Land of Legends is a short drive from the city center and is well-connected to the region's transportation hubs, making it a convenient addition to your Antalya itinerary.

The Land of Legends highlights

Masha and the Bear Land of Laughter in the Land of Legends

Masha and the Bear Land of Laughter

This section brings to life the charming world of ‘Masha and the Bear’, offering a range of family-friendly activities and character interactions. Fans of the popular animated series can enjoy entertaining live shows and create lasting memories. 

Adventure Land in the Land of Legends

Adventure Land

As its name suggests, Adventure Land is designed for those who love action and excitement. Here, you can experience heart-pounding roller coasters and daring adventures. Some rides also offer stunning views of the park and the surrounding landscapes. 

Aqua Land in the Land of Legends

Aqua Land

Aqua Land within the Land of Legends is a water-filled paradise, comprising an assortment of water slides, pools, and water coasters. It's the perfect place to beat the heat and cool off on a hot day, making it an ideal attraction for families and water enthusiasts.

Tropic Lagoon in the Land of Legends

Tropic Lagoon

Popular as one of the more laid-back areas of the theme park, the Tropic Lagoon offers a serene and tropical escape with lush greenery, palm trees, and serene lagoons. You can unwind in the peaceful surroundings, swim leisurely, or simply bask in the sun in this idyllic setting.

Plan your visit to the Land of Legends

Getting There
Visitor Tips
The Land of Legends Opening Hours
  • Theme park hours: 10 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Shopping avenue hours: 10 AM to 12 AM

Duration of visit: 6-7 hours

Best time to visit: June to September for the pleasant weather and gorgeous sunset views 

How to Reach the Land of Legends?

Address: Kadriye Mahallesi. Ataturk Cad. No:104/1-2 No, D:515, 07525 Serik, Antalya, Turkey

Find on maps

  • By bus: BA22
    Nearest stop: Kadriye Ataturk
  • By car: The distance between the Antalya city center and the Land of Legends is around 36.1 km, 34 mins by car.
    Nearest parking: The Land of Legends parking is free of charge for visitors
Tips to note when visiting the Land of Legends
  • Pay attention to safety regulations: We recommend you go through the safety regulations of a ride and only board them if you feel comfortable with them. If you have any physical limitations, it is a good idea to watch a complete cycle of a ride and evaluate if you want to enjoy it. 
  • Get the theme park map: To navigate the Land of Legends better, you can view their map. You can pinpoint the rides you are interested in and get on them immediately. 
  • Dress comfortably: Wear comfortable footwear, and light clothes, and pack sunscreen to roam around the theme park comfortably. Bring a pair of swimwear if you plan to visit the Aqua Land. 
  • Use lockers: You can rent lockers at the Land of Legends theme park and avoid carrying unnecessary items when enjoying the rides. 

Frequently asked questions about the Land of Legends theme park

Where can I buy the Land of Legends tickets?

We recommend you purchase your Land of Legends tickets online to save time and money. Online ticket bookings are convenient and ensure that you get guaranteed access to the attractions no matter the crowd on the day of your visit. 

What is the Land of Legends?

The Land of Legends, located in Antalya, is a sprawling entertainment complex that features themed zones, thrilling rides, live shows, and luxurious accommodations, offering visitors a unique and immersive experience in a world of enchantment, adventure, and fantasy.

Where is the Land of Legends located?

The Land of Legends is situated on Kadriye Mahallesi. Ataturk Cad. No:104/1-2 No, D:515, 07525 Serik, Antalya in Turkey. The theme park is conveniently located, around 30 minutes by car from Antalya’s city center. 

What are some of the highlights of the Land of Legends?

The Land of Legends theme park has interesting imaginative rides inspired by animation shows like Masha and the Bear, thrilling rides at Adventure Land, water slides at Aqua Land, and lush vegetation at Tropic Lagoon. The complex also has a large shopping avenue and several food joints to satisfy all your family’s cravings and ensure that you have a fun-filled getaway. 

How to reach the Land of Legends?

The most budget-friendly way to reach the Land of Legends theme park is to board the BA22 bus and get down at Kadriye Ataturk. The theme park is a short walk away from the bus stop. 

What are the opening hours of the Land of Legends?

The theme park is open from 10 AM to 6:30 PM. The shopping complex is open from 10 AM to 12 AM. If you want to grab a late-night dinner with your family, head straight to the complex and indulge in their many food joints. 

Is the Land of Legends wheelchair accessible?

The Land of Legends theme park authorities advise wheelchair users and other visitors with limited mobility or any other disabilities to watch a complete cycle of a ride to evaluate if they would be able to enjoy it safely. The Tropic Lagoon section of the theme park is a leisurely section that can be enjoyed by anyone.